Developed with modern technology and innovation, HP Printers provide high resolution for an improved quality of printing. HP printers are designed to be compatible for both home and business use, but at times there might be errors in printing due to software or hardware glitches. One such error is HP Printer error 4a04. With the occurrence of this error, there arises, and immediate need for troubleshooting and HP Printer Support is always on the go to take care of it.

Reasons for the occurrence of HP Printer Error 4a04

· Usage of old firmware

·When there are print commands in the queue

Mentioned above are few of the reasons for the error 4a04. HP printer customer support has a team of professionally skilled people to resolve all your queries. They are available 24*7 to cater to your requirements.

Resolving the error 4a04

The resolution of error requires some technical steps to be followed. HP printer support helps you by providing an immediate solution to make the experience of printing hassle-freee. Initially, the print commands that are in queue needs to be cleared. The measures below are to be taken to get the clearance for commands:

·        Click the ‘Start’ button

·        Open ‘Control Panel.’

·        Find ‘Administrative Tools’ and double click on the ‘Service’ option

·        Choose ‘Print Spooler’ from the drop-down and click on ‘Stop.’

·        Select  ‘C’ drive

·        Search for ‘Windows.’

·        Go to the ‘System 32’ folder

·        Select ‘Spool’ followed by ‘Printers.’

·        Remove all the files from there

An alternative to solve the error 4a04

Using old firmware could also be one of the reasons for error 4a04. This can be fixed by using the latest versions of the firmware which will reduce the occurrences of the error. The steps to be taken for this are:

·        Check for ‘HP Utility’

·        Choose your printer

·        Select ‘Support.’

·        Go to ‘Firmware update.’

·        Download the new firmware according to the instructions provided

·        Save the new firmware file on the hard disk

·        Click on ‘Update.’

This will ensure that the firmware is updated and will reduce the number of errors simultaneously.

HP Printer Customer Support

HP Printer Support offers technical assistance that is immediate and easy to follow. The team efficiently resolves the queries of the users with skilled guidance and support to let the task of printing go stress-free. HP printer support takes care of the security of the users, and dedicatedly works to achieve utmost customer satisfaction.

Why choose HP Printer Support?

·        Provides technical assistance

·        You can call HP Printer Customer Support number

·        Both voice and chat support

·        The support team is available anytime to resolve the issues faced by the users.

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