Easy Ways to Fix the Hp Printer Error 50.4

HP is a world-renowned manufacturer of quality printers that produce the best quality prints. Users enjoy the reliable HP printer support given by the company to facilitate customers support. Sometimes the users face a few issues when operating the HP printers. One of these errors comprises of the HP printer error code 50.4. It is a fuser error that occurs when printing a media that is unsupported by the printer. This incompatible file gets stored in the fuser, and the printer shows the error 50.4 on the display screen of the user. It also occurs if there are issues related to the power circuit. If the windows registry gets corrupted, then it is highly likely this error will appear on your screen. The most common reason for this error is the fluctuation in temperatures. The fuser gets damaged, and the errors display on the monitor and impact the printing procedure.

Follow these guidelines to fix the HP printer error 50.4

Restart the printer

· You can switch off the printer from the power button. Now wait for a minute and switch back on.

· As you are plugging the adapter into the wall socket, you need to ensure that there is an endless amount of electricity supply in the socket. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then continue to the next guideline.

Resetting the fuser

· Switch off the printer and then take the power cord out of the switchboard.

·  After this, wait for a couple of seconds and then proceed to open the printer’s right door.

· Now you need to move the two fuser handles near the fuser’s center.

· Proceed with sliding the fuser to the right door to take it out.

· Check, if you can see any amount of paper that seems stuck inside the printer. If you find one of them, then get rid of it and ensure the inside of the device is free of paper pieces.

·Now, begin with inserting the fuser back into the printer, and then rotate the fuser away from the center position. Further. Close the door of the printer.

·Plug the power cord into the switchboard and switch it back on. See if your printer can print now.

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