How to troubleshoot HP Envy 7155 Error Message 00829C98?

HP Envy 7155 is a Photo printer that lets you print, copy, scan, and print photo, etc. It is one of the dynamic security enabled printer which can only use the HP cartridges. The cartridges with this printer have the security and if you use the non-HP cartridges then those may not work. The HP Envy 7155 error message 00829C98, may give you the trouble while using the printer.

HP Envy 7155 All-in-one printer is very informal to use and with this printer, you can print photos from your cloud, social media as well as the gallery of camera. It is the most multipurpose printer which has been developed by HP for home use. Sometimes while using the HP Envy 7155 printer, you may also face some error messages or issues like HP Envy 7155 Error Message 00829C98. HP Envy 7155 troubleshooting steps and problems or issues to resolve HP Envy 7155 Error Message 00829C98 are described below.

Common HP Printer Error

  • Unable to print.
  • HP Envy 7155 driver not installed on Windows 10
  • Paper Jam error.
  • Carriage Jam Error
  • HP Envy 7155 Error Message 00829C98
  • HP Envy 7155 not working
  • Setup Ink Cartridges.
  • HP Envy Printer Error message C4eb8024.

Steps for the Hard Reset – HP Envy Photo 7155 troubleshooting

In order to resolve the error, you need to perform a hard reset on the printer. Now ensure that the printer is connected directly to the wall outlet. If you are facing the problems related to your HP Envy 7155 then follows the given troubleshooting steps.

  • Firstly, disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer, and also unplug the power cord from the opening, with the printer turned on.
  • Now remove the USB cable, if it is attached to the printer.
  • After removing the USB cable, you have to wait for 2-3 minutes and now press and hold the power button on your printer about 30 seconds.
  • After waiting for 2-3 minutes, plug back the power cable straight into an opening without any extension or a surge protector.
  • Now plug back the power cord to your printer to turn on the printer and turn on the printer and wait till warm-up period finishes and the printer is stable.

Steps to make the copy are described below

  • Once the printer is on, then let’s first try and make a photocopy to determine whether the issue is with the printer or not.
  • In order to make a copy, place a document on the scanner glass and select the option of Copy from the printer.
  • In case the printer is making a good copy then the printer hardware is in good shape.
  • If the printer is failed to make a copy then you need to contact HP Printer Support.
  • In case your printer is attached to a wireless network then, you need to ensure to temporary connect the device with USB and then update the firmware of the printer online.
  • Follow the instructions and after the successful firmware update, try to make a copy.

Contact HP Envy 7155 Error Message 00829C98

If still facing the same issue HP Envy 7155 Error Message 00829C98 then feel free to contact HP Printer Support at any time anywhere. Our experts are available 24*7 for the help of the customers.

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