Set up your HP printer to Cloud Print using the HP Cloud

To setup hp Printer for printing with cloud, you need to register your printer and set up a Google cloud print with the HP cloud. For the purpose of internet or cloud printing, you need a solution that requires a single account registration with HP connect, to get access to the email address of HP printer before you can proceed to use Google Cloud Print and HP Cloud. Then, using the printer’s EPrint email address, you can associate the printer to the Google account. You can follow the steps below.

  1. You need to make sure that the HP LaserJet is capable of e-printing and can be registered with the HP Connect.
  2. If you think your HP LaserJet is not HP EPrint-capable, then you can go to the printers that offer support for Google cloud print or you can go to the cloud ready printers.
  3. You can access the printer’s email address related to EPrint via registering with the HP Connect. For guidelines, you can check how to set up the HP EPrint with email.
  4. Proceed to the Google cloud print and log in.
  5. You can type in your HP email address linked to EPrint in the email bar and choose to connect my printer option. 
  6. You can follow the guidelines that appear on your display monitor to complete the connection of your HP printer with the cloud print. 
  7. You can follow the steps to link your HP printer to Google cloud print. The classic printers don’t support EPrint from HP.
  8. You can ensure the HP LaserJet you are using is compatible with HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) Postscript.
  9. Open this link and and click on the Specifications option.
  10. Further, you can Scroll the cursor down to reach the HP UPD supported products.
  11. You can identify the printer from the device series listing and ensure that PS is listed in the PS column.
  12. Now proceed to Google Cloud Print, and then click on the Add a Classic printer option.
  13. You might be asked to log in with your Gmail account.
  14. Now follow the guidelines on your monitor screen given by Google for registering and connecting the HP classic printer with Google cloud print facility.

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