Simple ways to fix the HP error code 60.02

HP is a renowned company that has produced fine quality printers and scanners over the years. Their products are used in many homes and offices for printing and scanning purposes. The image quality produced by these printers is excellent, and it is one of the reasons why their printers are always in high demand. There is dependable HP printer support for the users who sometimes face issues related to the printer’s functioning. The error code 60.02 is one of the examples of problems that occur while operating the printer device.

Read the instructions given below to troubleshoot this error code successfully.

  • You will require switching the power of your device off, and unplugging the power cord from the socket.  After this, take off the cover of the printer and carefully loosen the screws of the scanner.
  • Further, take off the cover of assembly and thoroughly clean the mirrors. If you are unable to see clearly, then you can use a light source such as a torch to see the film that requires removal.
  • The surface of the mirror and scanner is very touch-sensitive; it has a coated layer which makes it prone to damages and scratches. You will require being gentle at the time of cleaning to avoid scratching on its surface.
  • For this purpose, select a cloth that has microfiber and super light texture. When you have finished cleaning the mirror surface, you will require refitting the covers as they were back into their position before you unassembled it.
  • If you see any papers or notice chunks of tiny shreds of papers scattered in your device, then proceed further by removing them carefully and inspect again to ensure they are no more there.
  • Further, verify that the glass end is in sync with the registration strip and is positioned appropriately. Put back the covers and glass in their respective positions. Switch on the printer device and see if the error has been fixed.

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