Six Different Reasons Why Your Business Requires an HP Ink Tank printer

Among various leading inkjet printers available in today’s market, the HP Ink Tank is perhaps some of the most practical choices. While various different printers in the category are loaded with features to amaze all the users, these ones from the HP Ink Tank printers translate to savings and efficiency:-

Prints from virtually anyplace:- With their feature of mobile printing, users can easily use HP Ink Tank printers to print from virtually anyplace using their tablets or smartphones. They simply require to have an HP ePrint application or HP Smart application installed in their mobile devices to print almost anything, from anyplace, at any particular time. With the application, users can also send prints on the go and share several images and documents directly from their mobile devices. They can also connect their tablets or smartphones directly to the printer using Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, or Wi-Fi Direct to easily print using networking that is wireless.

Prints up to 6,000 black pages and 8,000 colored pages:- HP Ink Tank printers boast of high-quality and high-volume printing, owing to their high-capacity ink tank system which enables all the users to continuously print thousands of pages—up to 6,000 pages using HP black ink bottle or 8,000 pages using a tri-color bottle set, the highest page yield compared to all other existing brands in today’s market. This easily translates to thousands of high-quality presentation and business materials such as flyers, brochures, and photos.

Affordable ink bottles:- At Original HP Cyan, Magenta, P275 SRP, and Yellow, and P330 Original HP Black high-yield ink bottles can go a long way when used to completely refill the transparent HP Ink Tank. And unlike some competitors ink which is generally dye-based, Original HP Black inks are pigment-based to make sure consistent best-in-class and smudge free prints with crisper, darker texts.

2-year on-site warranty:- While some brands offer a fixed 2-year print head warranty, HP offers a 2-year on-site warranty for its Ink Tank printers wherein an HP Engineer or Partner Engineer will bring a good as new unit onsite to replace a printer with usage issues. The on-site warranty also offers users various ways to solve printer issues by simply calling the HP Ink Tank Service helpline number or using the live chat feature available on our website. Once a usage issue with the HP Ink Tank printer has been reported, an agent of HP will first call the customers to completely guide them in solving the problem. In case troubleshooting cannot be solved through the phone call, an HP Engineer or a Partner Engineer will next go to the customer’s registered address to solve the concerns on site. Valid from purchase date, the 2-year onsite warranty assures HP Ink Tank users of reliable and continuous business operations.

Replaceable print heads:- To enable all the users to save on replacement and repair costs, damaged or worn-out print heads on some models of HP Ink Tank can be replaced with original HP printheads that are available at authorized repair centers of HP and service partners nationwide. Available for only P1,630 per pair, the printheads can also be easily installed hassle-free using a step-by-step process that is quite easy-to-follow.

Best-in-class print quality:- When tested by Buyers Lab against various other leading printers which use systems of the ink tank, HP Ink Tank delivered clean lines, sharp text, and vibrant colors, even in draft mode, achieving the greatest advantage in the quality of print. The Buyers Lab test also concludes that HP Ink Tank printers provide much brighter colors, smoother lines and text, more consistent ink fill, and a lot better clarity of fine details.

If you have any query regarding the HP printer, then you can contact HP printer support or HP printer customer support. You can also dial HP printer customer support number or Hp Printer Support number that is available on our website.

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